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Url 1: Paid Medical Surveys, the best side gig for a physician

Paid Medical Surveys, the best side gig for a physician

Paid Medical Surveys, the best side gig for a physician


Employee pay in several areas, including healthcare, has been influenced by the pandemic. It never hurts to have a side gig, especially one that allows you to work from the comfort of your home.


A number of companies, government agencies, and healthcare groups would really like to know the opinions of highly experienced doctors and other healthcare professionals on treatments, patient care, ways of practicing medicine, and other topics that could help improve the healthcare system. 


That’s where healthcare surveys come into the picture. One of the easiest side gigs for a physician and other healthcare professionals. Answer a few simple questions whenever you find yourself with a little time to kill in a day and you are done! — You can earn some money in no time at all. You can get paid in cash or, if you prefer, in gift cards.

What are medical surveys, and can I trust them?

Medical surveys are used as a research tool by government agencies and pharmaceutical businesses to acquire information from a select group of people, such as doctors, nurses, medical students, pharmacists, and other healthcare practitioners. These companies will leverage your opinion to shape the future of the healthcare industry. So, by signing up for a paid medical survey site, you are not only supplementing your income but also playing an active part in molding the medical landscape.

The barrier to entry to surveys by most medical research companies is high. Physicians need to verify their medical license by providing their GMC (General Medical Council) number when they are signing up for a medical research company. 

When you sign up for My Medical Panel in the US, you will have to put in your ten-digit NPI (National Provider Identifier) number, and your seven-digit GMC number if you are signing up from the UK.

Only after your profile is successfully verified, you will become a part of My Medical Panel and start receiving surveys in your inbox. The same is true for other reputable medical research companies.

Most medical research companies follow strict privacy guidelines and you never have to worry about your data security with them. We, at My Medical Panel, are proud to announce that we are a GDPR compliant brand and adhere to the strictest privacy policies. We recognize that we are dealing with highly secure data, and we have put in efforts to keep it that way.

How much can a physician earn from a paid medical survey?

Depending upon the company conducting the survey and the time required to fill the survey, you can earn anywhere between $3 to $500 per survey. According to some of My Medical Panel members, the best time to fill in a survey is between duties while at work. You can not earn any more clinically during that time, but you could take 5-10 minutes to answer a few multiple-choice questions. This way, you can maximize your cost-time ratio in the clinic. With My Medical Panel, you can even earn up to a grand per survey! 

Some of the medical research companies limit the number of specialties that can participate in their surveys, but we work with over 150 medical specialties and value the opinions of all of our MMPeers.

What are the best paid medical survey sites?

For you, there are many medical survey sites to choose from. We recommend that you join more than one to ensure that you receive surveys regularly in your inbox. We have listed down five medical survey sites that you can consider signing up for that pay fairly and are reputable and secure.

1. M3 Global Research

By becoming a member of M3 Global Research, you will be able to engage in research studies on a variety of medical topics. The questionnaires that are part of medical research programs take between 20 and 30 minutes to complete. You'll also be paid up to $300 for every hour you spend filling out surveys. You can complete medical surveys on the phone, online, or face-to-face.

2. My Medical Panel

With My Medical Panel, you can earn up to $1000/survey. Once you complete a survey, you can opt for gift cards from any commercial outlet in your region or even a prepaid cheque. You will also receive an honorarium of your choice for every successful referral. Not only that, once you join My Medical Panel, you gain access to our global healthcare community and much more!

3. Reckner Healthcare

Reckner Healthcare Surveys is a family-run business that has been in operation for approximately 30 years. Every Reckner Healthcare survey takes about 10 to 60 minutes to complete. Although they generally focus more on Neurology, Dermatology, Oncology, any healthcare professional can sign up for their healthcare surveys. However, the number of surveys received would be lower. 

4. InCrowd

InCrowd offers lightning-quick micro-surveys that have a handful of questions that can be easily answered on a phone. They have a straightforward registration process that only takes a couple of minutes to fill. You can certainly consider signing up for InCrowd if you are looking for short-form surveys in your five-minute breaks.

5.  MDforLives

MDforLives offers a variety of Continuing Medical Education (CME) opportunities. They are one of the highest paying medical survey sites, but each survey takes some to complete.

That concludes our list of the best paid medical survey sites for a physician in 2021. There are many more that you can participate in but make sure to read their terms of policy and privacy guidelines before you sign up with them.